Best Folding Tanto Knives Of 2017

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The Best Tanto Knives Of 2017

Let’s get down to brass tacks. I think tanto knives are awesome, so do you. That makes two of us. So, how did I personally decide that some tanto knives were way more awesome than others? Simple, I used them and found out that some are better than most. So lets get down to it, the top 5 tanto blades of 2017!

1. Kershaw Link A/O (Assisted Opening) Tanto

kershaw link tanto knife

knife description

This knife is absolutely fantastic. The Kershaw Link has been a knife that I have kept around in my every day carry rotation for quite a while. The reason is that even though it is a tanto knife, the angle on the sweep of the blade really lends itself well to every day tasks. Cutting an apple with this knife is one of the most delightful experiences you can have with your pants on. The grip is also something I love. When I am in the kitchen doing a task where my hands get wet, the Link never seems to slip out of my hands. It is a fantastic knife, but only for those that are into medium sized tanto blades.

2. Ka-Bar ZK-Kharon Tanto Folder Knife

kabar tanto blade

knife description

The Zombie Killer Knife of tantos. This big guy comes out of the box razor sharp. I was slicing paper into thin reams as I first started using the knife. I now carry this knife in my main every day carry rotation. I really like the simplicity and lightweight of the knife. I also like the little biohazard imprint on the knife. However, I wish the pocket clip was a little deeper carry. The problem is that a lot of the knife sticks out when you have it in your pocket. I wish Ka-Bar would move the clip to the back of the knife so that we could carry it a little deeper. But, overall a great knife.

3. SOG Flash II Tanto

sog flash II tanto version

knife description

This awesome assisted knife has made a lot of money for the SOG brand. The Flash II is one of their big sellers. The SOG Flash II has a blade length of 3.5″ and is very lightweight. It has an incredibly ergonomic handle that just settles nicely without the blade wiggling much. The only real thing to be weary of is that the locking system is not the strongest. So, if you plan on stabbing into a lot of car doors for some random reason in the near future, well then perhaps pick a different knife. I have personally sliced my hands a few times from being a little too rough with this blade.

4. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto

cold steel recon 1 tanto knife

knife description

This knife is a classic. The Recon 1 is like the Buck 110. If you haven’t owned a knife made by Cold Steel, then it is time to change that. Cold Steel really steps it up with the Recon 1, especially the tanto version. This knife was built to last. The Tri-Ad lock makes any folding knife suddenly feel like a fixed blade because the lock up is so solid. This knife is the opposite of the SOG Flash II. With the Flash II you get a lightweight and fast action blade. With the Recon 1 you get a solid, heavy knife that can take a beating. The Recon 1 is for folks that want to buy a knife that will last a lifetime.

5. Kershaw Blur Tanto

kershaw blur tanto knife

knife description

Last, but certainly not least goes to the Kershaw Blur Tanto. The Blur is one of Kershaw’s best selling knives. I do really like the knife, but I wish that they would redesign the handle. The blade is great, it slices well and does most tasks with ease. However, the big rounded handle that the Blur sports just isn’t comfortable in my hand. I know some out there in the knife community swear by this knife, but I just like it, not love it. I am putting the Blur on the list because people with large hands will like it a lot more than I did. My hands fit into a pair of large sized gloves, but the Blur just simply has too big of a handle for my hands. The Blur is a phenomenal knife otherwise, with the exception of the overly large handle.

And there you have it. These are my top 5 recommendations for the Best Tanto Knife of 2017. Tanto knives will remain to be awesome because of the way they are designed, but I am looking forward to another year of Tanto Insanity coming from the large manufacturers. Cold Steel and Kershaw need to keep it up, their newest line of tanto blades are looking awesome!



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