Tanto Blade Knife Sizes

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Different Sizes Of Tanto Blade Knives

Tanto knives come in all different shapes and sizes. Some sizes are better for different uses than others. There is no absolutely perfect knives because are so many uses for a knife. While tanto blades do lend themselves better for a stabbing or piercing role, many medium sized tanto blades are perfect for every day carry. I have listed some different sizes of tanto knives below and what their pros and cons are.

Small Tanto Knife

stat gear pocket samurai small tanto knife

knife description

A small tanto knife has a blade of 2.5″ or less. Small tanto knives make great every day carry blades. They are small enough to tuck into your pocket and forget you even have it on you. They aren’t the best for heavier cutting tasks though, and that is their main drawback.

Medium Tanto Knife

medium sized tanto knife

knife description

A medium sized tanto knife has a blade length of 2.5″ to 4″ and is a great versatile blade. The longer length allows for greater cutting ability. The small form factor allows for a great every day carry knife that won’t weight you down.

Large Tanto Knife

large sized tanto knife

knife description

A large sized tanto knife has a blade length of 4″ to 6″ of solid steel. A large tanto knife is where the fun really starts to get going. Not only do large tanto knives tend to look impressive, but they also look a whole lot scarier too.

XL Tanto Knife

extra large sized tanto blade

knife description

The XL (Extra Large) sized tanto knife has a blade length of 6″ or over. This, to me, is where a knife starts to get a bit too big. You can’t carry a blade much over 6″ comfortably in your pocket in my opinion.

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