History Of Tanto Blade Knives

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History Of Tanto Knives

The first tanto blades in history came out between the years 794 and 1185 and resembled crudely made weapons without artistic qualities. The first tantos were very practical blades that were created because of need.
Things changed in 1185 to 1333 though, as much higher quality and more artistic versions of a tanto edge started to be made. Then, from 1336 to 1573 the blade was made to win fights because there were quite a few fights in this period of time.

ancient tanto blade

The artistic quality declined in this period. The tanto was designed for mass production. The blades were also made much thinner because then the manufacturer could make even more blades. Today, most tanto blades are so well manufactured that you can use them easily as every day carry knives.

The Japanese Tanto Knife

The original japanese versions of the tanto knife are iconic. In Japanese history, the tanto knife has a rich history. It dates all the way back to the 10th century. The Japanese originally created the knife for optimal stabbing and slashing. The traditional tanto knife that the Japanese used was a fixed blade tanto.

japanese tanto knife edge

Japanese tanto knives were mainly known for the length of their blade, which usually varied between six and twelve inches and looked like a dagger. However, much like other nations and their tanto blades, due to all of the fighting in Japan, mass production of tanto knives compromised their blade qualities and artistic design.

Cold Steel Tanto Knives

cold steel recon fixed blade tanto knife

knife description

An originally very small knife brand modernized the tanto knife. Cold Steel really helped make tanto blades as popular as they are today. Cold Steel tanto knives put a very sleek look to the once crude version of the tanto edge. They gave the tanto knife blade purpose. They also added a specialized locking system to become almost as strong as a fixed blade. They also made some really cool tanto dart knives. Cold Steel still makes some of the best tanto knives.

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