Tanto Blade Advantages

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Advantages Of A Tanto Edged Blade

First of all, if you don’t know what a blade is, it is the cutting part of a knife or sword. It is designed in a special way to slash, stab, slice, chop, thrust, scrape, or cut. The tanto knife blade purpose is to stab, thrust, stab, slash, and cut. The original tanto knife was made as a weapon. There are many tanto blade advantages and disadvantages. The tanto knife may look great, but the question lingering on a lot of knife collector’s minds is – are they practical?


The Famous Cold Steel XL Tanto Knife

Cold Steel is the company that made tanto knives popular. Their tanto blade knives were inspired by the original Japanese tanto, famed by their design and craftsmanship.

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Cold Steel can be found at https://www.coldsteel.com. Cold Steel is important because they are the company that re-popularized the tanto knife. The tanto used to be a tip mainly used for war and defense, but thanks to Cold Steel marketing, the tanto tip is now a regular edge made by many knife manufacturers.

Tanto Blade Advantages

Strength At The Tip – The strength of the tanto tip comes from the triangular shape leading to the tip. The triangle is the strongest geometrical shape because of its resistance against compression from the maximum amount of angles in a simple footprint.

Easy Manufacturability – Because of the simplicity of the design, it is much easier for manufacturers to make tanto knives. The design also allows for a knife to be CNC’ed much more easily than a blade shape without as many straight lines in its shape.

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Ability To Pierce – Probably the most important tanto blade advantage is the fact that a tanto edge was created to pierce. This goes back to the strength at the tip point. Because of that tip strength, when trying to pierce something, it is much easier since it has a lot more structure and strength to go through various materials.

Chisel Point Blade – Since there is a harsh angle on the tanto blade, it lends well to various tasks where a flat edge is needed. For instance, if you are out in the wilderness and get stung by a bee. It is much simpler to get the stinger out with a tanto tipped knife rather than a more round-bladed knife.

Tanto Blade Disadvantages

Not The Smoothest Cutting – Since there is that sharp angle near the tip of the blade, when you are cutting a more difficult material it can be annoying at times. Sometimes, while you are cutting, you hit the hard notch and you move the blade upruptly and slip.

kershaw tanto folding knife

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Sharpening – Some think that tanto blades are really easy to sharpen. That is because they haven’t sharpened one before. Logically, it would seem like a tanto blade is easy to sharpen. You’d think that because there are only two angles to sharpen that the job would be a simple one. However, to evenly sharpen a tanto knife is much more difficult than you would think. There still usually is a slight curve in the belly of the blade that you still have to follow. Sharpening is definitely not one of the tanto blade advantages. It is much more of a disadvantage if anything.


Tanto knives are some cool looking blades that have many practical uses. They are also, in my opinion, some of the coolest looking knives ever made. The angles on the blade really make it look quite awesome. However, even though they look awesome tanto blades make some really great every day carry knives.

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